Are you suffering from

muscle strain or sprain?


chronic arthritic pain?


chronic pain in neck or back?


lack of balance?


trouble lifting your feet when you walk?

Are you recovering from surgery?

north carolina center for physical therapy


If you have any of these complaints and are looking for an experienced, skilled, compassionate therapist who actually listens and is committed to your treatment, look no further than the North Carolina Center for Physical Therapy, and Misty Pidgeon, Licensed Physical Therapist who has spent 21 years helping people reclaim their lives.


People just like you who worried they would never recover from injury or surgery. People who thought arthritis pain had robbed them of their favorite pastime. People who believed age-related pains meant that they could no longer take a morning stroll, go shopping or even participate in the care of their homes.


With over 21 years of experience, not only do we have the knowledge to relieve your aches, we are committed to relieving your pain.


When you come to North Carolina Center for Physical Therapy, you will get personalized care with a physical therapist who will spend time working with you, one on one, to achieve your goals. Goals as easy as reducing your pain or as great as taking your first ride in a hot air balloon to celebrate your 90th birthday!


North Carolina Center for Physical Therapy accepts your insurance and adheres to simple, understandable billing.


Come and join our Family!

The North Carolina Center for Physical Therapy family.



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