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If you have any physical goals, complaints, or been advised to seek physical therapy help by a doctor, personal trainer, or coach referrals, NC Center For Physical Therapy is your correct choice. If you are a veteran looking for a VA Community Care provider, we are fully certified.


If you are looking for an experienced, skilled, compassionate therapist who actually listens and is committed to your treatment, look no further than the North Carolina Center for Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is an aspect of the health field that is concerned with maximizing you quality of life and physical well-being. During physical therapy visits, treatments focus on diagnosis and rehabilitation of health conditions, illness and injuries which limit your movement, function, quality of life, and injury prevention in the future.

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Sports Medicine

Being an athlete isn’t about what sport you play, it’s who you are. This program offers a comprehensive, sports specific rehabilitation to get the athlete back to the sport. Regardless of athletic ability or age, physical therapy is beneficial to all athletes.

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular Therapy is a form of physical therapy to address disorders of the vestibular, or inner ear balance organ. Treatment focuses on alleviating symptoms including dizziness and instability. Learn more...

Women’s & Pelvic Health

NC Center for Physical Therapy offers comprehensive physical therapy evaluation of the pelvic floor to help determine what is contributing to your pain and/or dysfunction. Pelvic Floor function is key to core stability, bladder health, sexual health, and pre and post natal function. Learn more...

Fitness & Wellness

Part of maximizing your quality of life and physical well-being is maintaining progress made during physical therapy. To do so we have a maintenance program for after physical therapy, as well as partnerships with local gyms and trainers. This way you can reach and maintain YOUR goals!.

We also have introduced BodyFITT™ our revolutionary preventative care program.



Dry Needling Services

Kid Sports PT™ & Team Clinics

Women's Health & Pelvic PT

VA Community Care (formerly VA CHOICE)

Baby Boomer PT

Running Rehab

Medbridge Home Exercise programs

Continued Health & Wellness Programs

Hot Air Balloon Riding

Geriatric Programs

Geriatric Guide to Safe and Effective Activities

Geriatric Guide to Osteoporosis

Personal Trainer Coordination

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