Your Goal Is Our Goal

Real Examples

Patient has returned to work without pain and physical therapy has helped him prevent needing surgery.

10 year old girl with a broken arm.

She has returned to playing and performing in silk competitions without pain.

Goal: Drive to bird watching

Patient came with neck and shoulder pain and had limitations with driving. After treatment at NC Center for PT, Patient resumed driving. He also enjoys bird watching which he was able to resume.

Work injury

Patient came to us with lots of back pain due to a work injury. He has returned to working as a mechanic and fixing cars.

Patient came in with neck pain and headaches. He has returned to the gym and all activities without pain or headaches.

Pain in several joints

Patient came to our office for hip, knee, and elbow pain. He is now able to walk, climb stairs, fully reach with his arm, and perform all every day activities. At NC Center for PT, we treat all joints of the body.

Goal: Fix shoulder pain

Patient came in with shoulder pain. She has resumed working out at the gym and she does her home exercise program daily

Knee pain

Patient came in with knee pain. He left running and performing agilities without limitations.

Goal: Return to running

Patient came in with hip and low back pain. She has returned to running after physical therapy.

Running foot & ankle pain

Patient came in with foot and ankle pain with running. After PT in our office, he is now able to run 2-3 miles.

Sprained ankle recovery

UNCW Ultimate Frisbee Player came in with a sprained ankle. He has returned to playing ultimate Frisbee without pain. He won the title for most intramural sports played in a year.

Getting rid of crutches

Patient came in using crutches and is now able to walk around school without any assistive device.

Need a workout buddy?

Patient came to PT before and after hip surgery and he worked out with his minion workout buddy.

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"Misty investigated coverage of my medical benefits and shared this knowledge with me and any financial obligations that might possibly..."


"The improvement relative to my balance and pain relief was/is very impressive and beneficial.""The improvement relative to my balance and pain relief was/is very impressive and beneficial."


"I cannot say enough good things about Misty and the treatment and recommendations she provided. My back pain left me unable to do little...."


"Misty was the best. She's mature, experienced and forceful but caring in her expectations..."


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