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Women's Health Overview

NC Center for Physical therapy has been successful in treating many women’s health issues including diastasis recti, urinary urge incontinence, and urinary stress incontinence.

The program was developed and managed by Dr. Katie Swore before returning to her home state of Idaho.

Pelvic Floor function is key to core stability, bladder health, sexual health, and pre and post natal function. NC Center for Physical Therapy pelvic treatment includes:

  • Core stability training
  • Education on healthy bladder habits
  • Education on home activities to increase your success with treatment

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Common Women's Health diagnoses

Urinary urge incontinence,

Urinary stress incontinence,

Diastasis recti,

Sacroiliac joint pain,

Back pain

Common Questions

JInjuryBeforeAfterIs incontinence a normal part of aging?

Although it is normal to lose some strength in the aging process, it is not normal to have leakage occur. As we age and as women have children, incontinence is not an issue that should continue long term to be "dealt with". With the help of physical therapy, patient and therapist as a team can determine weakness, coordination issues, and behavior traits that may need to be modified to decrease incontinence.

How can physical therapy help me pre / post pregnancy?

Even before going through labor there are preventative steps to take to ensure good pelvic floor strength. A pelvic floor PT can also go over appropriate and biomechanically sound labor positions with you. After labor, your body is dealing with a great amount of changes. If you are having pain, incontinence, or even just want have a check up to prevent any future dysfunction, a NC Center for PT physical therapist can answer any questions you have and guide you through the correct exercises.


We are partners with YOTA Swim Team and South Durham Little League (SDLL) to help athletes in the triangle area.

We work with all athletes, regardless of age or skill level!