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““Kids loved it!”

“Close to home and great staff!!”

“It was kept age appropriate and fun for the kids”

“Inspiring kids to want to improve! This was awesome!”


Quotes from parents after NC Center For PT Baseball Clinic.

Next Baseball Clinic

Speed, Agility, Quickness & Strength Clinic for South Durham Little League age 9-12 before the start of the Spring 2020 season. The six (6) week clinic will be led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and to answer any pain/injury questions.

Clinic will be every Wednesday, for one hour, from January 8th thru February 12th.  This is a great way to improve your player’s strength and overall athleticism and possibly identify any muscle imbalances/weaknesses before they cause an injury.  Planned workouts are great for participants in any sport, but the clinic will be focusing on drills to improve a player’s baseball game while having fun exercising.  Class size is limited to 15 spots (located in Sutton Station at 5832 Fayetteville Road - Durham), and the clinic registration fee is $125.  For more information or to register for upcoming session, please send an email to NCCPT at

Print & share a copy of the flyer & application form.

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Kid Sports PT Clinics

Custom designed clinics for youth sports teams.


NC Center For PT customizes sport and age group specific clinics to help athletes, coaches and parents achieve their goals of maximum performance and minimum injuries.

To inquire more about clinics that can be customized for your group or team, email Jeff at

Case Study

SAQS (Speed, Agility, Quickness, Strength) Baseball Clinic for boys age 8-12

Once a week, 6 week SAQS (Speed, Agility, Quickness, Strength) clinic.

Highlights included:

  • Small group sessions with sports physical therapist / strength / conditioning specialists
  • Exercises to help athletes increase speed, agility, quickness, strength
  • Teach drills directly correlated to their sport & HOW it can improve their game
  • Educate athletes on why, when, how often and the importance of doing them at home
  • Encourage athletes to develop healthy habits
  • Emphasize importance of stretching / foam rolling to prevent injuries
  • Improve basic technique, focusing on quality not quantity
  • Make exercise fun!


About the instructors for the SAQS Baseball Clinic:

Dr. Chelsea Horgan is a skills coach for the Junior Hurricanes Girls Ice Hockey Program. While a student at Northeastern University, she started the University Club Ice Hockey Team and led them to two National Championships. In her senior year she was awarded the National Tournament Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Jeff Pidgeon has coached youth sports for 19 years. Sports including baseball, softball, soccer, tackle and flag football. 8 years coaching SDLL, two AAA league champions and assistant coach for two all star teams.

Common Qustions

Q: When is the best time to stretch?

A: It is important to stretch before and after working out or playing a sport. Dynamic stretching is better for warming up and static stretch is better at the end for cool down. Dynamic stretching is stretching while moving. It allows for controlled movements of the arms or legs that take you to the limits of range of motion which improve flexibility and range of motion. Most dynamic stretches work multiple muscles in one stretch allowing a more efficient warm up. Static stretching is stretching while at rest. It allows you to maintain currently flexibility and increase range of motion. Static stretching releases stress and can be relaxing. It can aid in decreasing muscle soreness if completed after a work out. Both static and dynamic stretching are important to maximize flexibility and prevent injury when working out. A key factor is knowing when to stretch, and how to do it properly.

Q: Should my child play year round baseball or multiple sports?

A: It is important for your child to engage in multiple activities throughout the year and not only play one sport. It is common to think that by having your child play one sport year round they will become great at that sport. Truthfully, this puts your child at a higher risk for injury due to overuse and lack of rest. Playing multiple sports allows for cross training. Cross training is a way to work different muscles and skills and allow other muscles to rest. Don’t forget, rest is a key part of training!

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