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Kid Sports PT Overview

NC Center for Physical Therapy Kid Sports PT™ offers a comprehensive, sport specific rehabilitation to get the child athlete back on the field or court. Physical therapy is beneficial to kids and adults, with athletic ability ranging from the beginner to the professional.


Kid Sports PT also offers small group, sport specific physical therapy clinics for minimizing injuries and building flexibility, stamina and sport improvement.

Small group size.

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The Kid Sports PT Program is under the direction of Jeff Pidgeon.

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The benefits of performing Kid Sports PT at NC Center for Physical Therapy include:.

  • One on one Patient to Therapist interaction
  • Agility training focusing on speed, quickness, strength and hand-eye coordination
  • Education about how to prevent injuries
  • Communication with the parents and coaches to ensure optimal care for the athlete
  • Video analysis of walking or running gait pattern
  • Wii game in order to enhance rehab and make it fun

During each visit, a physical therapist may:

  • Assess strength, range of motion, or flexibility
  • Perform walking or running analysis identifying imbalances or problems
  • Educate the athlete, parent, and coach about the injury, ways to fix it, and prevent future injuries
  • Provide pictures of exercises to ensure optimal compliance
  • Recommend timing of safe return to sport.

Common Questions

JInjuryBeforeAfterWhat are some of the more common kid’s sports injuries (not an inclusive list)?

  • Sprains or strains
  • Shoulder pain in overhead athletes
  • General deconditioning (with or without pain)
  • Poor balance
  • Back pain
  • Concussion management
  • Ankle, knee, and hip pain

When should a child see a physical therapist?

Anytime a child has an ache or pain, during sports or in general is a good time to see a physical therapist. A physical therapist will perform an evaluation on the child to determine the cause of the pain. At times the pain could be due to growing pains, especially in the teenage population. Or it could be due to a more severe injury from running, jumping, or playing sports. If you see a physical therapist early on, before the pain gets too bad, the chances of a quick recovery are much higher. Athletes are less likely to miss out on practices and games if early intervention is performed. Injury prevention is just as important as recovery from injury and physical therapists are trained to help athletes get back on the field.

Any athlete with an ache or pain should be looked at by a physical therapist. Dr Sullivan and the staff and NC Center for PT have the experience working with athletes of many sports and of all different ages. Some of the sports that our athletes play include soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, baseball, basketball, tennis, dance, golf, judo, bowling, rugby, and boxing.


We are partners with YOTA Swim Team and South Durham Little League (SDLL) to help athletes in the triangle area.

We work with all athletes, regardless of age or skill level!