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YOUR Goal Is OUR Goal

“I started my business to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. You are going to get one on one attention, compassionate care with minimal wait times. We get to know you and treat you as a person, not a body part. More attention and time with you to identify the true root cause means we are better able to develop an appropriate treatment plan, make sure you understand it and do your exercises CORRECTLY. This means you get better in less visits and spend less money and time traveling to therapy.”

Melisa (Misty) Pidgeon, Founder of NC Center For Physical Therapy

About Us

North Carolina Center for Physical Therapy is a privately owned, independent physical therapy clinic that focuses on one-on-one care and takes the team approach to helping you reach your goal. We have continuously served the Research Triangle Park (RTP) since 2010.

Our Goal and Mission:

Your Goal is Our Goal. Our team core objective is helping you achieve your goals and returning you to your daily activities. Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate, personal care to all our patients before, during, and after their treatments. We strive to provide quality over quantity.

Our Story & Core Values

Why the hot air balloons within our office and in our logo? Misty, our founder/CEO treated Ted Daddow at Carolina Meadows, a witty, young-hearted man. aboutimage2MistyTedRespAt the start of his first physical therapy visit with her, he waived a newspaper article in front of her and asked “What kind of therapist are you?” After reading the article about how a physical therapist went sky diving with their patient, she responded “I am definitely not going sky diving with you, if that’s what you’re asking.” He huffed and said, “My goal is to fly in a hot air balloon. Can you make that happen?” aboutimage3TedBalloonRideResp

Considering that Ted couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes without his walker, had recently broken his hip, and was about to celebrate his 90th birthday, this goal seemed quite a bit more challenging that it sounded. First, he would have to be able to get in the basket then be able to stand for almost 4 hours, and not fall and break the other hip. It seemed like Ted’s goal of flying in a hot air balloon was impossible, and that’s what his doctor told him. However, the next time she saw him, she asked “What kind of patient are you?” because he was the one who would have to do all the work. He would have to decide how badly he wanted to reach HIS GOAL. After several months of tiring and hard-working sessions, Ted reached his goal of flying in a hot air balloon to celebrate his 90th birthday!

After Ted passed away, Misty received an envelope which contained money to start her own practice and a note that said, “When you believe in yourself as much as I do, I want you to open your own practice.” We honor him with a hot air balloon in our logo and to remind ourselves, as well as our patients, to believe in themselves.

BalloonskyclipWhat is YOUR GOAL?

We have over 100 Raving Fans who have taken time to write reviews to substantiate this story with their own personal experience. If this is the kind of care you deserve, give us a call.