Misty_Pidgeon_NC_Center_for_PT Melisa (Misty) Pidgeon, Founder of NC Center For Physical Therapy

I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care

If that’s how you feel, NC Center for Physical Therapy is the right place for you. I started NC Center for Physical Therapy because running my own business was the only way I could guarantee that I could provide the QUALITY of care people need in order to get better.

I worked at Duke, Treyburn, Durham Regional Home Health and Carolina Meadows. I started my own business because the larger facilities required me to see more patients in a day than I was able to remember. They make more money by focusing on QUANTITY over QUALITY.

After 24 years’ experience as a physical therapist, I was still concerned about QUALITY over QUANTITY my goals didn’t match those of my employer so I became my own boss.

5 years in business for myself convinced me that I made the right choice!

Since I started my business to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY, you can be sure you are going to get 1 on 1 attention, compassionate care with minimal wait times. We also get to know you as a person.

More attention makes it easier to find the true root cause of the problem…And helps you get better faster.

More time with you identifying the true root cause means we are better able to properly develop a treatment plan, make sure you understand it and do your exercises CORRECTLY. This means you get better in less visits and spend less money and time traveling to therapy.

aboutimage2MistyTedRespWhat kind of a physical therapist are you and what does a hot air balloon have to do with anything?

I met Ted the day he was standing behind his walker and thrust a newspaper article in my face and said, “What kind of a therapist are you?” After seeing that the article was about a physical therapist who went sky diving with their patient, I said, “I’m not going sky diving with you, if that’s what you’re asking.”Ted responded, “My goal is to fly in a hot air balloon, can you make that happen?” Considering that Ted couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes without his walker, he had recently broken his hip, and was about to celebrate his 90th birthday, this goal seemed quite a bit more challenging than it sounds. Just getting into the basket would be impossible on this day. Having to stand for over an hour without his walker AND be able to get back out again? NOT possible.

 I realized I could only do so much. Ted would have to be the one doing all the work and he would have to decide how bad he really wanted to reach that goal. I asked him, “What kind of patient are you?” (Click here to open the newspaper article, Carolina Meadows newsletter story)

I was originally inspired by helping Ted reach his goal of flying in a hot air balloon to celebrate his 90th birthday. When he passed away, he left me some money to start my own practice one day. We honor him with a hot air balloon in our logo


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