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BodyFITT is an in-depth evaluation performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who analyzes your body’s movement to identify potential limitations before they become injuries. Our DPTs use the results of your evaluation to develop an exercise routine customized to address your specific condition. The goal is to help you finally break the cycle of workout – injury – workout – injury – quit.


What will BodyFITT do for me?

BodyFITT emphasizes preventative care to address potential injury areas before the injury occurs or worsens. This is done by developing a customized exercise program for you, with a major emphasis on proper mechanics. By identifying specific weaknesses, muscle imbalances and restricted range of motions we can reduce the likelihood of injury.

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BodyFITT is a revolutionary concept for those who want to do what it takes to maintain an active lifestyle but don’t always know exactly what to do.

Visits -

  • Initial Visit/Analysis: The initial visit is a 45-minute assessment designed to develop a customized exercise program for you to perform at home to address impairments and help you reach specific goals. Dry needling is an optional addition included in the price for this visit.
  • Follow-up Visits: All follow-up visits are 30 minutes to update exercises as needed. This will allow the PT to identify proper mechanics and ensure you reach your goals. Dry Needling is an optional addition included in the price for this visit.
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How often should I return for follow up visits?

Everyone is different. If you need more guidance, to hold yourself accountable, come in once a week. If you don’t have time to develop your own routine but want to exercise on your own, come in every 6-8 weeks for an updated routine. Our goal is to help you reach your goal. This program is designed to be flexible to meet your needs.

Isn’t physical therapy just for injuries or surgeries?

Physical Therapy isn’t just for individuals who are injured. Preventative care is crucial to address potential injury areas before the injury occurs. Since our DPT’s spend their days treating pain and injuries, we know what causes them. This makes us uniquely qualified to understand how to address it before it becomes more serious.